Drawing classes can become dull if you are an art student and not really into drawing some random, naked guy sitting on a chair.

However… things became more interesting as we had to “invent” a device that does the drawing for us. We could only use basic materials such as rubberbands, wires, sticks and stones. So the “machine-making” began.

Things went crazy after we (Lorenzo, a fellow student and me) gave up on trying to use my phone as a vibrating drawing-device. We turned onto something much simpler.

Like our ancestors back in the day we were crafting a bow and an arrow from scratch and taping a crayon at its head.

Shooting at a pinned piece of paper did leave some marks on it, but they really did not look anything like the model we were supposed to draw…

Nevertheless, great fun we had, an interesting outcome we produced:

If you look closely, you can clearly identify the man on the chair.

Calling it “Artery” and not archery was an obvious thing to do.

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